Day 7: Italian Hospital

It seems I have had many firsts on this trip. First international flight, first time in Europe, first time at a club, and the list goes on. Well, now I have been pickpocketed for the first time, I’ve gone to an Italian hospital for the first time, and I’ve broken a bone for the first time!

In the morning, my left ring finger was still in a lot of pain and was black and blue. The professors told me that I needed to get it x-rayed and I agreed. I knew something was definitely wrong with it. Going to the Italian hospital was quite the experience. Hardly anyone spoke English and I did a lot of waiting, especially after I got my x-ray done. Finally, a woman took me into a room and said the word “yeso” which I knew from Spanish class meant cast. She immediately started putting the cast on my hand. I expected just a splint on two fingers, but she stated wrapping it about halfway up my forearm. Luckily, I have three fingers that are free (thumb, pointer, and middle) and I am right-handed, so I’m very thankful that my right hand is okay.

I also experienced my first time on an Italian bus on the way back from the hospital. The bus system here is very nice and there was a cute puppy that was next to me for a while. There are small dogs everywhere here, which I love, and their owners take them everywhere. I’ve seen them go into stores and now on buses! A lot of times, usually while outside, the dogs aren’t even on leashes. I guess they are smart enough to know to follow their owners, which is pretty awesome. I love dogs and the ones here are so cute. There are a lot of types that I have never seen before.

I unfortunately had to miss the Gucci museum, but I was able to be back in time to see the Uffizi Gallery, which had a lot of impressive artwork, including pieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Rafael.

Everyone was pretty exhausted after the museum. It was the first day we had some sunshine and no one was really used to the heat yet. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast since I went straight from the hospital to the museum. I was starving but the group I was with wanted to walk up a hill to see a nice view of Florence. I’m glad we got to do this, since we didn’t have time to walk to the top of the Duomo. The view was very beautiful!

Now that I don’t have a phone to take pictures with, I am trying to focus on enjoying the moment that I am in. I think it is easy to get caught up in taking pictures of everything that you forget to look at and appreciate what you are right in front of. I can always look up pictures of these places, but I do not know when I will be back to enjoy them in person. It is unfortunate that I won’t have my own pictures, but there are a lot of other people on the trip whose pictures I can look at.

It’s been tough for me not having a phone to use for the week but it has made me think a lot about how dependent the world is on technology and social media nowadays. I am certainly guilty of constantly checking my phone at all times of the day, whether it be in class or while I’m eating a meal with others. It is easy to become obsessed with what is happening in other people’s lives and forget to look around and experience what is happening in your own. And it’s also easy to become obsessed with how others view your own life. But social media skews our perception of reality because we mainly only see what is positive. People don’t normally post about the ordinary things they do in their lives and they don’t normally post about all the negative things that are happening to them. But when we open our Facebooks, Instagrams, Snapchats, Twitters, etc. we just see everyone else having an amazing time. We think that everybody else is having a great time and when we are not, we see their posts and it can be easy to feel upset about our own lives. I’m learning from this experience that I don’t need to obsess over social media to survive or to be happy.

After looking at the view on the hill, a few of us went to get some dinner. It was tough because my hand hurt and I needed help cutting my pizza. I’m definitely having to depend on others to do things that I could normally do just fine on my own, which has been hard for me emotionally. My mood ruined my appetite for the night so I didn’t eat much of my pizza. After I got back to the hotel, I got ready for bed almost right away and got a nice long, much-needed rest.


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